Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I couldn't stop laughing at my mum's story of what her friend did on the coach to spain.

Apparently my mum was sat beside her friend on the coach when she saw her friend pulling apart her sandwich. My mum asked her what she was doing and her friend turned to her and said. "I have forgotten my sandwiches, I wrapped the breadcakes in tinfoil and brought them instead."

If packing a plain breadcake without filling isn't bad enough, my mum's friend had already eaten two of them before she realised what she had done. She said she just thought her sandwiches were a bit dry.

I know it doesn't seem very funny, but I cried with laughter. What s tupid thing to do!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pick A Number....

I went to a BBQ on Wednesday. It was a really great day and lots of funny things happened. My friend went to sit on a plastic lawn chair, the back leg got stuck in the grass at the edge of the patio slab causing the weight to be uneven, she fell backwards, snapped the chair in half, broke a garden lamp and tipped over a plant pop causing her to get covered in the pots contents. I laughed so hard I cried!

She couldn't help but laugh either.

But the next day, at around 4pm my mobile phone bleeped indicating I had a text massage. I flipped my phone and read the message, but I was quite shocked at who it had come from. It had come from my friend's older brother who has apparently taken a liking to me and stole my number out of his sisters phone!

Damn not looking homosexual enough!

I told my friend what her brother had done, and she tried to tell him that he isn't my type. In fact, he's the wrong sex, but he didn't believe her and now thinks I'm lying and just don't like him. I feel a little guilty, but he set himself up for a fall when he stole my number. Even if I was straight, that little stunt wouldn't have earned him any brownie points!