Friday, October 30, 2009

Lit by Twilight

After seeing, and quite enjoying, the film Twilight, I decided to buy the book. More often than not a book is way better than a film and obviously gives you more insight into the characters and their journey throughout the story. The film seemed a little bit rushed, but the book was slow in pace until the last few chapters. It was a good read, and I've bought the follow on 'New Moon'.

I realised that seeing the film somewhat ruined the book for me. Not because I knew what was going to happen, but because I never had to use my imagination to conjure up what Edward and Bella looked like. Whenever I read the name Bella, I immediately pictured Kristen Stewart, and Edward was Robert Patterson. Watching the film ruined the magic of the words in their ability to create an image of the setting and the characters. Books are good like that, they guide you but ultimately you create the picture.

I'm excited for New Moon to arrive in the post from Amazon. Stupid postal strike better not interfere with my Twilight fix!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Queen of Gloves

These are the best gloves in the world.
I no lie to you.
They go all the way upto my elbows.
They turn into mittens.
They're bright pink.

What more could you want in a glove, really?

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Low Down on the Ho Down

I have a newly Out of The Closet lesbian friend, who I have known since I discovered my own underlying lesbo-longings, had some sapphic-like-quality about her.

On a recent trip to the local gay Hot Spot, Deana, the newly uncloseted friend, was getting to grips with the cheesy music, the raunchy dancing and the Dolly Parton look-a-like drag queens. She was having a blast, and I was happy for her. But half way through the night Deana seeks me out to tell me she has seen a woman who was, and I'm quoting "as fit as Cheryl Cole in her birthday suit". I'm intrigued and ask her to point out this 'fit' looking woman, and I find I'm immediately handing out a warning. I pull Deana to one side and explain that the 'fit' looking woman, is in fact, possessive and controlling when in a relationship. This information was given to me by an ex-girlfriend of the 'fit' looking woman.

Deana is disappointed, then points out another 'fit' looking woman. I nodded and agreed that this woman was good-looking, but had a girlfriend. Then Deana pointed out another 'fit' looking woman, to which I told her that this woman was indeed, a man.

We staggered home, stopping at the 24 hour ASDA to buy ice-cream and donuts, then crawled into bed and concocted the perfect introduction texts to the woman who had given Deana her phone number.

The next morning at breakfast, I thought about the evening and realised a couple of things.

One: Deana reminded me of myself eight years ago. Naive, bewildered, excited, free.

Two: I could have done with a friend like me when I first found my way out of the closet and into the circus that is a gay club.

Three: Every lesbian I know knows every other lesbian, has dated every lesbian, or has dated every other lesbian's best friend.

Four: I need to move city.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Toe Time Off

I've just entered my second week of being off work. I'm enjoying spending the time doing nothing and anything I like, although four hours into the start of my time off, I broke my toe.

Picture me trying to reach for Doris before she disappears beneath my bed. I'm wearing extremely fluffy socks, the floor is polished wood. I slip, I skid, I hit my foot on the leg of the bed frame. I broke my toe.

Erm, owie?....