Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Organic" or "Natural"

I was in ASDA the other day (because that's my favourite place to shop) and I picked up bananas (as you do) but when I looked at the price tag they were a little expensive. 98p for five bananas when you can get eight for 50p, what's that about?

I looked at the sticker to find out why they cost more, and realised they were 'organic' bananas. Then I wondered what was so different between organic and normal and found out that if fruit or vegetables have an organic label that means they have been grown with natural pesticides and fertiliser. But it isn't proved that organic food is better for you than the normal food we eat.

Call me daft, but I would have thought food would be cheaper if it was organically grown. No chemicals to mess with for a start.

I know the difference between free range eggs and normal eggs though. And I always make a concious effort to pick up free range eggs. :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Erica Spindler

I have read two books by the same author and decided they were so good that I just had to mention them.

One is called
Bone Cold and the twists were what made it so incredible!

The other is called
Forbidden Fruit and makes you more intrigued after every chapter you read.