Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gizmo's Gone

He passed away half an hour ago, in my mum's arms, after waiting all day for her to come home from work. The Pet Cremation service just came to take him, and will bring his ashes back to us on monday.

I miss him already.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cat's rights.

I.... keep looking at Gizmo. Sometimes I just look at him because I can, because I know that pretty soon there'll be no Gizmo to look at. Where he is laying will simply be an empty space, his food bowl and water bowl won't be on his cat shaped food mat, his litter tray won't be in the downstairs toilet room. There'll be no sign of a cat living in this house, like there has been for the past 16 years.

His back legs are giving way when he stands, he has an infection in his eyes because he won't lay anywhere else I put him. Only near the radiator, which is near a drafty door. He has stopped eating, and that means he has stopped trying to live. I think I need to make the decision not to let him deteriorate any further. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to make that decision until after Christmas and my birthday, but for all I want to keep him here, it isn't fair to him.

I keep thinking, though, that I have this choice. The choice not to let my cat suffer. But Simon doesn't have the choice to ease his father's suffering. Why is it "humane" for a cat to be put to sleep when their body fails or gives up through old age, but human's have to live with being vegetables, with organs that wont work, or with bodies that can't work?

It seems to me, that I have more rights for my cat, than Simon has for his dad. And that's wrong. Human's are so scared of death, that trying to stop it from happening ends up being their life.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Language Barrier

I recieved this in an e-mail, and it made me laugh. Lots. Yes, I suppose people fom here really do speak like this....

Summatup? - Is there something troubling you?
Parnta marld - A glass of dark beer
Arfa Larga - A smaller glass of beer of continental origin
Canaborryit? - May I borrow it?
It's marnanall - I am claiming joint-ownership
Shurrup orral bray yer - I recommend that you stop talking immediately
Yer for-ever mernin' - You do complain a lot
Ayer gorra bruvva? - Have you got a male sibling?
Watsyer bruvva carled? What is his name?
Ner smurkin' - You are not allowed to smoke
Arm off erm now, tarrar - An indication of imminent departure
Stop balling yered off! - Be quiet!
Mimmams gunner chowatmi - I shall be in severe trouble with my mother
She's rurin' ered off - She is very upset
Urmanaway - Australian Soap Opera
Fern Curls - Telecommunications. See also Curdlessferns
'Ull Derly Merl - Local newspaper
Goangerided - Invitation to play a game of Hide and Seek
Giz a croggie - Request for a ride on the crossbar of a bicycle
Radiur Umbersard - Local radio station
I gorrit for nowt - I did not pay anything
It dunt tek farvs - This vending machine will not take my 5p coin
Boyziz - Local chain store
Serp on a rerp - Cleansing bar on a string(soap on a rope)
Me owsiz on fiyer darl narn narn narn - My house is ablaze. Please alert the emergency services.
Arfarted - Lack of commitment, or "I have broken wind"
Worrawolly - I feel this person has made a fool of himself
I'll bray yer eddin' - I may become agressive
I'll clip yer lug 'ole - Do be quiet
Shut yer cake 'ole - as above
There's nur snur on the rurd - The road is clear of snow
I'm mafted - I'm rather hot
It's mafting - It's rather hot
It's siling down - It's raining