Thursday, November 02, 2006

Can't Fight The Moonlight

I had bought some flowers from ASDA today whilst shopping, so I could take them to my best friend's resting place. I was waiting in the car whilst my other friend pumped up the tyres, and I was trying to think of what to write on the card that goes with the flowers. I couldn't think, because, to be honest, there aren't any words that describe how much I miss my friend.

As I sat there with the pen in my hand and the blank card staring back at me, the beats of familiar music began to play and I immediately recognised the tune. Leanne Rhymes - Can't Fight The Moonlight was the last song my best friend ever liked. What are the odds of me struggling to find words to express how much I missed my friend after six years of her death, of that song being played, right there, right then?

I love and miss you, Hedgie-bum xxxxxxxx