Monday, April 24, 2006

America's Next Top Brat

Yes, yes. I hate the show with Tyra Banks auditioning anorexic girls to be the new faces on magazine covers and on catwalks..... actually, I hate Tyra Banks. She tries too hard to be 'cool'. And the clothes they're made to wear? If you could even call them clothes. Pfft!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lose Weight - Get Dumped.

Ya'know. I noticed a strange phenomenon about weight loss. Being 8stone myself, I often find that I have no sympathy what-so-ever for people that are overweight unless it's because of a medical condition.

To me, weight gain is a result of laziness, then people moan about not being able to do the things they used to. Well, if you're carrying an extra 30 pounds around with you what do you expect? Bodies aren't designed to be over weight. Not really. I know it's because poeple don't have to 'hunt' for food anymore. If they're hungry all they have to do is walk to the kitchen and stuff their faces and humans obviously haven't found a happy medium.

However. I find it pleasing when people don't moan about the amount of weight they have gained and simply help themselves by losing it, but why is it that marriges often suffer for a partner losing weight?

Why is it, that when a partner begins to feel good about themselves, gain confidence and become somewhat happy about their appearence, their husband/wife simply cannot adjust to the positive changes their partner has made? Are they so insecure that they think their partner has changed a lot of things about themslves, maybe they'd want to change spouse, too?

It's funny, because nine times out of ten somebody decides to lose weight, not only for themselves, but for the approval and benefit of the one they love.... it isn't fair that the one they love then rejects them for the effort.

Really, it would be a whole lot easier if you didn't gain weight in the first place. Go to the gym people. It's not there to look pretty.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Begrudge Me

When was the last time I posted? Oooo four days ago, I'm not very good at this diary, blog, journal thing.

Well, what's been happening in the last four days?

Let me rack my brain for something interesting, oh. My mum got a new tattoo. She has four now. She's 38, almost 39 and reliving her teenage years. She's worse than me, honestly.

Also, I was told that I hold grudges, well, I knew that already. It's a defense mechanism. I mean, if somebody does something to make me feel sad or upset me in any way, how can a simple "I'm sorry" Compensate for the hurt? It doesn't, at least not to me. And I'm not very trusting, so if somebody tells me they're sorry I'm thinking "sure you are" How can you know if they sincerely mean it and aren't just saying it so they're in your good books again? At least if I hold a grudge I can be prepared if it happens again, ya' know?

It makes sense to me, anyway. I know holding a grudge isn't right, but then neither is getting your feelings hurt if you didn't deserve it.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Truth About Women

This amused me. All women are bitches. lol oh sure we are.

Women are more vicious than men though, mentally I mean. Men can be quite obvious when they're being mean, but women? They'll pretend to be your best friend, find things out about you, then tell the world your secrets. It's true, but not always.

Even though I'm a woman, sometimes I find working with women to be difficult. Working with men is simple, they make a plan then carry it out. Women make a plan, discuss it to the death, then decide to do something else entirely. lol

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


My friend had a wedgie today, but instead of going about it discreetly she had to declare to everyone that her "knickers were getting a bit personal"

I laughed so much I cryed, but why? Is it really that funny? And if anybody else had heard her say that, would they have laughed as much as me?

Of course, me being me, this lead me to wonder about laughing. Why do people laugh?

Laughter is the biological reaction of humans to moments or occasions of humour: an outward expression of amusement.

Oh right, that settles it then, but what else?

Parts of the limbic system are involved in laughter. The limbic system is a primitive part of the brain that is involved in emotions and helps us with basic functions necessary for survival. Two structures in the limbic system are involved in producing laughter: the amygdala and the hippocampus.

Uh huh, and?

Laughter differs depending upon the gender of the laughing person: women tend to laugh in a more "sing-song" way, while men more often grunt or snort.

Sounds about right, anything else?

Laughter also gives your diaphragm and abdominal, respiratory, facial, leg and back muscles a workout. That's why you often feel exhausted after a long bout of laughter. You've just had an aerobic workout.

Ah I see, maybe that should be marketed as an alternative to the 'gym' I'd much rather laugh at a dvd of Peter Kay for ten minutes than sweat at the gym.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

How are you doing?

Today is Saturday, how lovely are Saturdays, really, there should be more of them!

My musing today is about that simple question; "How are you doing?" Why do people ask it? Is it really that polite? Because half the time when people ask it they don't really want to know, they're just asking because it's the 'done thing'. It's almost always insincere.

And the person answering? Well they're down right liers. Their arm could be falling off, head about to explode and are being hunted down by the mob. But the answer they give you? "I'm fine thank you." Then of course because they've been aksed how they are, they have to inquire back "How are you doing?"

What if somebody asked how you're doing and you tell them the truth? "I've got a throbbing headache, I'm in the middle of a divorce and I'm having serious PMS issues."

Well you know they'd run away as quick as their legs would let them.

Is an insincere inquiry about how you're doing better than nothing at all? And can you spot an insincere inquiry from a sincere one?