Sunday, December 28, 2008

Personality in a photo.

My friend told me that out of all the photos that could have possibly been taken of me, none of them would have captured my personality quite as well as this one did.

I'm not sure whether to be offended....

PS: I'm the blonde behind the ginger (my dear friend Kelli).

PPS: Two more to prove that I love her really.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Low Key Lesbo.

I was out this evening. Clubbing, pubbing, whatever you wish to call it. The evening was full of camp songs, camp dancing and general merry times. I'm a no drama homo, which means if there's drama you can guarantee I'm not the one who caused it, nor would I have anything to do with it. But.... BUT.

Stacy, the best friend who has just had the gastric-bypass didn't attend this evening's get together, but her girlfriend, Ally, did. Which meant I was on Ally duty. And when Ally got in an altercation with an arrogant lesbian who happened to be four ft tall. Feminine don't-want-to-break-a-nail-but-was-taught-karate-by-her-uncle me, stepped in.

I was dancing to Girls Aloud. Getting my groove WAY on when the four ft tall lesbian CHESTED me. You know when someone bumps their chest against your chest indicating they are threatenening you in some masuline way that isn't really necessary?

Despite the fact that I was taught karate by my uncle, I haven't actually had to use my skills. But four ft tall lesbian chested me AGAIN. So I stuck my foot out behind her legs and pushed.... meaning she fell over my legs and straight onto her back.

Four ft lesbian had no idea what had just happened to her, DJ called security, security took one look at me in my skirt and make-up and concluded that I wasn't to blame. Security told me everything was ok, picked four ft lesbian up off the floor and escorted her out.

Crowd cheered.

Femanine-don't-want-to-break-a-nail-but-was-taught-karate-by-her-uncle me was applauded.

I still have no idea why she got aggressive with ME!

I had a nice Christmas though. The total tally of socks this year is seventeen. Seventeen pairs of socks, that must be a record?

Auntie Maria bought me some plant pots for my Conifer trees (I purchased new ones after the others were stolen. I planted them in the back garden this time). She hid some socks in the bottem of the pots. I'm supressing the urge to have her commited to the mental hospital.

I love her really. More than anything.

I hope everyone had as good a Christmas as I did. :-)
Another two days off from work.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a SOCKY Crimbo!

I went to my auntie's this evening after work (I didn't finish until 10pm.) To drop off some gifts. She gave me my gift which was a large bag full of something. When I got in the car I couldn't resist having a feel.... so I felt, and what I'd picked up was squishy. I delved a little deeper and picked up something else, this was also squishy, third thing was squishy too! It turned out that the bag was full of small, round squishy things....

My memory takes my back to November. Auntie Maria had asked me what I wanted for Christmas, my answer was "Knee socks, auntie Ria, funky ones like my friend has."

Apparently, she didn't think giving me socks was a suitable gift for Christmas, so she didn't buy me just one pair. When I emptied the bag onto my livingroom floor there were 14 pairs!!!!

They were all individually wrapped. I opened them.

Some of them have little cows on, some of them have pigs on, some are bed socks, some are knee socks, some are pink, some are blue. Some were odd and had to be reunited with their partner.

I love my Auntie Ria.

I hope everyone has a Good Christmas. Whatever wacky gifts you recieve, be greateful it's not 14 pairs of socks.

**************Merry Christmas.**************

Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Off

My holy Goddess. This song just simply and utterly takes my breath away. A lot of people have problems with the X Factor, but why? Even if the show never disovers anyone as talanted as Leona Lewis again, it will have been worth it for discovering her.

Holy Goddess, wow, and all that jazz.... she is beautifully amazing.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Second Stop at Whistle Stop

Wow, I'm up to page 192. Ruth has just died so I've decided to stop reading, for now. Usually when someone dies on a TV show or in a book I don't continue watching or reading them again. I think that there is so much death and heartache in the world anyway, who wants it to seep into their entertainment? Books, TV shows and films are supposed to be an escape route.... or so I believe anyway, it's probably a wacky way of looking at things, but that's me. Wacky.

There are quite a lot of characters cut out of the film, Artis, Naughty Bird, all the black charecters, oddly enough. And if I don't hate that damn 'N' word. Ugh! It's so ugly. Just looking at it makes me uncomfortable.

Yes Ruth and Itchy were portrayed in a romantic light more in the book than they were in the film, but it was only slight. I think that's the thing that bothers me most, that I want to know the details, that I want to know more of the story, more of the feelings and thoughts. But the Author never delves deep into anything, just proceeds to tell the story of 10 different characters. I WANT HER TO FOCUS ON ITCHY AND RUTH! I want her to tell me the magic of their relationship, why were they attracted to each other considering that they were so opposite. I DON'T KNOW! And Fannie Flagg doesn't want to tell me!

You're right. I had to get the authors name into this post. It's just wrong on so many levels.

What happens beyond Ruth dying that I need to know about this story? Its Itchy and ruth that compelled me to read.... now there's no Ruth.

I'm picturing Mary Louise Parker again, hubba hubba....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

First Stop at the Whistlestop

The book arrived from Amazon. Big wooping yay! I've needed something to occupy me recently because of the winter weather. What idiot is going to be outside gardening? Not this idiot let me tell you!

So I'm in to the first few chapters and by God Ninny never shuts up! I thought there was going to be some sort of introduction for Ninny and Evelyn, something before Ninny started on about Itchy, but nope, the book just dived straight in there.

It didn't occur to me to read the book before watching the film, but I really do wish I had. You experience a book differently when you're having to put your own faces to the names and own backdrop to the story. Now all I see are the faces of Mary Stuart Masterson and Sarah Louise Parker. The latter is welcome though because, well, hubba hubba....

So, so far, so good.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Good Morning Pig Shit"

I really have no idea how it started, and I probably don't want the memory to resurface, either. But every morning if my friend or I are on an early shift at work, we'll text each other to say good morning. It probably wouldn't be something to blog about if it was as simple as "Good Morning", but instead we start the day with greetings such as "Morning Skid Mark", or, "Morning rabbit droppings" etc etc....

So this morning I woke up to the usual Before Work Text and responded with something equally as disgusting. Then my friend, Stacy, proceeded to tell me she was going to have blood taken for some tests. An hour later as I'm walking into work she texts me to say that the blood taking was very painful because she has 'deep vains', which is apparently a polite way of saying she has 'fat arms'. Que the giggling.

What is life without a quirky friend?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Blonde's Have More Fun.... Says Who?

I don't understand why the stereotype for women with blonde hair is slutty and dumb? And having been a blonde since September, I can personally contest the saying blonde's have more fun because the level of fun I've been having hasn't really changed....

So my hair has been 'highlighted'. I was coaxed into trying something different with it. It doesn't look half bad but honestly, I don't think I'm girly enough to sit in the hairdressers for an hour and a half every few months. I get my hair cut every six weeks, it takes 20 minutes, and as far as I'm concerned that's more than adeqaute!

The problem I have now though, is that if I don't have my hair 'highlighted' again, there will be dark roots and light tips. Conundrum?

I've lost major Lesbo Street Cred points with this post.... the shame.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Not Following

I still don't get it. If the old lady was Itchy Threadgoode then why wasn't Buddy jnr there to look after her?.... I just don't get it....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fried Greens

After being told for years that I should watch this film tonight I finally did. But I don't know what to think of it. I don't know if I liked it, and I don't know what it's charm is since so many people recommended it to me.

Often you never catch the essence of a film until you watch it a second time. Maybe I need to watch Fried Green Tomatoes again for me to really understand why it's captured so many people's hearts? It's often described as being a lesbian genre film too, but what's lesbian about it? Itchy never married? Ruth never re-married? Itchy displayed tomboyish behaviour? I suppose that is kind of lesbian, after all I was a tomboy.

It was certainly an entertaining film, I watch it all the way through without wanting to fast forward, but there are films I have watched and instantly felt a sense of 'wow'. The Long Walk Home being one of them.

I just don't know. I didn't get it, and that bugs me....

Oh yeah, Sipsey killing Frank Bennett? Totally didn't think it had been her.