Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Mind Boggles

It's amazing the types of people I have met in this past year. I never really thought about my circle of friends not being very diverse in any way, career, ethnicity, background etc. But on Tuesday night I found myself sitting around a table with a Portuguese man, a privately educated woman, and an Indian woman. Then there was me. I'd describe myself as being raised at the lower end of middle class.

It's mind boggling how each step the four of us have taken as individuals, lead us to that exact moment around that exact table. What is our common denominator? Pharmacy.... but what if one of us had made a decision that lead us into a different career? Would three out of the four still have ended up around that table?

The mind boggles!

The world is huge, I forget that, but every now and then something snaps me back to how significant everything you do really can be.

J started in Mumbai and came to England to study, she applied for a job in my pharmacy for pocket money, but really enjoyed the job so changed her field of study.

A started in Portugal. He grew up there and studied to be a pharmacist there, but found that the pay was much better in the UK. He was introduced to my pharmacy through a Spanish friend, liked it so much he now works full time.

I answered an add in the paper while looking for a career change.

V's father owns the pharmacy myself, J and A work in.

The mind really. does. boggle!