Saturday, December 17, 2005

Achoo Vitamins

It was odd.

As are most things, what a lovely way to begin a post eh?

Seven out of eleven people in this house have colds, that leaves four people that aren't sniffling. Two are away for a little while and one has gone home to see her family for Xmas, so that just leaves me. I am the only person within close range of the infected that doesn't have a cold.

So why am I not sniffling and coughing or feeling sorry for myself? What makes me so special that I'm exempt from the bitter world of illness? Of course I'm not complaining, but I am intrigued.

A colleague pointed out to me that I must have a great immune system, so I did a little research about immune systems and realised that I drink an orange juice that has extra vitamin C in it because I am a vegetarian. My doctor told me to, he did give me a reason at the time, but I didn't pay attention, I never do..... so I looked it up.

Oh and guess what I found?

Yeah, among other things it boosts your immune system and helps heal cuts and scrapes faster. An average person should consume 60 mg a day that's 3/4 cup of orange juice. But considering I drink about four cups of orange juice a day.... that means no sniffling for me.

Woo and hoo.

So, if you don't want to get a cold this winter never underestimate the power of orange.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

So, what's your sign?

You know, there has always been one particular subject that interested me, one beside my usual crime capers that I obsessively watch much to the dismay of her.

Many people make it their daily habbit to sit and read their horoscopes and at it's extreme this particular fad means some can't even leave the house without checking with their daily astrologer, but how accurate are these 'predictions'?

Not very, as it turns out.

No astrologer can make any horoscope about you without knowing at least the day, month and year of birth so when an astrologer does a horoscope they are based firmly on assumptions and second guesses because without your date of birth an astrologer cannot know how the planets were aligned when you were born and therefore cannot know what elements affect your personality.

So when you pick up a paper and read your horoscope think of it as a highly embelished story.

Personally I do believe in star signs as I posess many of the traits of a capricorn. and I do notice that if I have taken a disliking to somebody they often tend to be of a sign that is weaker or less dicaplined than mine, I particularly dislike Libra's because they are too indecisive.

Which is awful because she is a libra, but she has the benefit of making it up to me.

So when a guy (or girl) decides to chat you up with the age old technique of 'so, what's your sign' perhaps you should answer then you can do your research :-)