Wednesday, November 16, 2005

People On The Bus

Sitting on the bus today on my way... well, somewhere. I found myself thoroughly confused by the actions of one passenger. he was an elderly man, barely able to keep his balance as the buss travelled along it's route yet he insisted on standing up.

The seats on the bus are in twos, two people can sit on them and while every seat was occupied with at least one person, that still left plenty of seats for others.

Yet, instead of sitting, this clearly stubborn elderly man struggled to keep himself upright for fifteen minutes JUST because he wanted two seats all to himself!


So by the time the bus came to it's last stop I'd bet he didn't have the energy to carry out the task that he had left the house for.

Other funny things I noticed on the bus.

1) If there are empty seats next to women, men will NOT occupy them.
2) The isles are so small that if you're carry a bag you are more than likely going to unintentionally (or intentionally) smack somebody with it.
3) When a driver breaks all passengers nearly end up through the windscreen.
4) School children will NOT been seen dead sitting on the bottom deck.
5) Children find it their lifes mission to scream as loud as possible until they get off the bus.
6) Old women insist on talking to you and telling you how cold it is.

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openworm said...

so true