Saturday, May 20, 2006

Missing My Jacket!

My ankle still hurts a little, it will get better soon. Sprains are sometimes worse than breaks though, because it's the tendons that are hurt.

I had a nice day today, I went shopping, then for dinner with my uncle. I bought a jacket-type-thing. Which is
here , but it's the white one. I got tired of having to wear a big coat after I lost my beloved denim jacket. I still think somebody picked it up after I dropped it, and I think it was that woman who kept staring at me while she was getting into her car. Evil, evil woman! I loved that bloody jacket!

My mum thought it would be funny to buy me a pair of novelty socks. They say "Coffee, chocolate, men.... some things are just better rich." Haha! I have to admit I do find them funny, maybe I'll wear them. :-)

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