Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ghost Hunt!

I went! I went on the scary boogie-man night in The Golden Fleece. It was an amazing night, and so much fun. I kept feeling naughty though, because we were up all night doing a Ghost Hunt and everyone else was tucked up in bed. We had the run of the place as we had paid over £300 for the night for every guest room in the pub, that was four rooms, and boy were they creepy! They even had that 'old building' smell. The equipment was amazing! We had Night Vision cameras, EMF Meters, walkie talkies, temperature gauges, trigger objects. Everything!

There were fifteen of us and we alternated between rooms in groups of five, just the names of the rooms were creepy enough as they were named after people in the 17th-18th century who used to reside in them. Saint Catherine's room (The ensuite facility for this room is housed in a secret room, only discovered in April 2000 having disappeared from plans and drawings for over 200 years.) Lady Alice Pecketts room, The shambles and The Ministers Suite. Over the years, as it's such an old building there are some truly terrible things that have happened there, and you can feel that when you walk in.

The Ghost Hunt its self didn't reveal anything spectacular, except a vase of pot-puree flying off the fire place, knocking on a wall, a dog barking and a cupboard door opening...... nope, nothing spectacular or scary at all........ [/sarcasm]

Now for the breathing issue. It got worse on Tuesday, so I rang my doctors surgery at 1pm, told them that I hadn't been able to breathe properly since Friday, and the next thing I know they've booked me in to see the doctor at 2:45 the same day. I went to the appointment and the doctor did a full check, he listened to my chest, took my temperature, made me breathe into one of those hallow tubes (he said my result on that was very good). I told him about my allergy to pollen and that I'd been told I had asthma a very long time ago, without any asthmatic symptoms since then.

My doctor told me that he thought I was having a panic attack! I laughed at that! A panic attack? For five days? Whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaat? I specifically told him that I was NOT a nervous person and that I had nothing to be nervous about. I had just been on a Ghost Hunt for goodness sake, don't you think if it was a panic attack it would have become uncontrollable when I'm being scared shitless? He seemed to agree somewhat reluctantly then suggested that perhaps it was muscle spasms in my chest, he then listened to my chest a few more times and said I seemed tense, so he prescribed me with Diazepam. I picked them up from the pharmacy, but refused to take them and insisted on trying an inhaler instead, which he gave me. We'll see how I do with that.

Goodness me, this is long. Teehee!



Anna said...

Oh that is soooo cool, I'm jealous hehe. I want to see a ghostie!! I'm glad some stuff actually happened while you were there Gems, it kinda makes it worth your money huh. If I ever make it out that way to visit, we so need to do something like that.

As for the breathing thing, just please keep an eye on yourself and I'm glad you weren't to stubborn to not call the doctor when you did. Take care sweetie. *Jugs*


Auburn said...

Ghosties!! Maybe if you ever come to England, I can take you to the pub I went in. That'd scare you socks off. :-p