Thursday, August 09, 2007

Haircut by a Stranger?

I was sitting in Trinity Square waiting for someone to arrive at 10:30 this morning, and while I was waiting I decided to reply to a text. Because I was replying to a text I wasn't paying attention to the girl making her way towards me. By the time I had sent the text the girl was sat beside me with a nervousness about her that made me wonder.

She then proceeded to tell me, blushing all the while, that she had recently qualified as a stylist and was looking to gain more clientele, and she would therefore give me a free hair cut.

What? WHAT? What do I say to that? lol!

The best I could muster was that I was growing my hair so that I could have it cut into a style before I went on holiday. She nodded her head, then stood and walked off, so I shouted her back and said that if she had a business card, or gave me her number, I would gladly give it to my friends as a sort of word-of-mouth thing. She beemed at me and gave me her number, then proceeded to walk off, leaving me there in shock.

Why do these odd things always happen to me?.... Not that I mind because she was incredibly beautiful.


watty said...

And that, my friend, is the beginning of a beautiful story opportunity. :)

hiya, I've known you link to me for a while but I'm always waiting for the right opportunity to say thank you. I guess I feel like the novice stylist, nervous and needing to find courage. But like a tv character we both know well said, "fortune favours the brave".

Vale said...

well, at least you're approached by beautiful women....once i was approached by a man (i can't decide if he was mentally deficient in some way, or simply a junkie) that informed me that his name was Ignazio, took my hand and gace me a wooden bracelet on the bus. wtf?