Saturday, November 17, 2007

Such Pretty Colours!

I'm so sleepy!

I have Cystitis, yet again, but because I'm allergic to the strongest antibiotic that gets rid of it, my doctor has given me the maximum dose possible of another antibiotic.... and it's knocking me out!

I have to take one 100mg tablet four times a day. That means I'm sleepy allllll day. And I end up in this state of idiocy where I just feel limp and stare. It's hilarious.

Today I short changed a customer by £2 pounds, fell over an empty cola bottle on the bus, put my colleagues fleece jacket on instead of my own (he's a man and much, much larger than me), burnt my tongue on my bosses cup of tea because I thought it was my cup of water, and sent the wrong text to the wrong person.

I am *so* blaming the tablets. It's their fault that I'm more ditzy than normal, right? Right? Right!

It so is!

1 comment:

db said...

Eeep! Better double check you've gptten dressed with your trousers facing the right way!