Monday, December 10, 2007

Language Barrier

I recieved this in an e-mail, and it made me laugh. Lots. Yes, I suppose people fom here really do speak like this....

Summatup? - Is there something troubling you?
Parnta marld - A glass of dark beer
Arfa Larga - A smaller glass of beer of continental origin
Canaborryit? - May I borrow it?
It's marnanall - I am claiming joint-ownership
Shurrup orral bray yer - I recommend that you stop talking immediately
Yer for-ever mernin' - You do complain a lot
Ayer gorra bruvva? - Have you got a male sibling?
Watsyer bruvva carled? What is his name?
Ner smurkin' - You are not allowed to smoke
Arm off erm now, tarrar - An indication of imminent departure
Stop balling yered off! - Be quiet!
Mimmams gunner chowatmi - I shall be in severe trouble with my mother
She's rurin' ered off - She is very upset
Urmanaway - Australian Soap Opera
Fern Curls - Telecommunications. See also Curdlessferns
'Ull Derly Merl - Local newspaper
Goangerided - Invitation to play a game of Hide and Seek
Giz a croggie - Request for a ride on the crossbar of a bicycle
Radiur Umbersard - Local radio station
I gorrit for nowt - I did not pay anything
It dunt tek farvs - This vending machine will not take my 5p coin
Boyziz - Local chain store
Serp on a rerp - Cleansing bar on a string(soap on a rope)
Me owsiz on fiyer darl narn narn narn - My house is ablaze. Please alert the emergency services.
Arfarted - Lack of commitment, or "I have broken wind"
Worrawolly - I feel this person has made a fool of himself
I'll bray yer eddin' - I may become agressive
I'll clip yer lug 'ole - Do be quiet
Shut yer cake 'ole - as above
There's nur snur on the rurd - The road is clear of snow
I'm mafted - I'm rather hot
It's mafting - It's rather hot
It's siling down - It's raining


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