Sunday, November 02, 2008

Almost a Decade.

8 years tomorrow since my childhood friend passed away.

I'm at work tomorrow because someone booked the day off before I did. I'm a little angry about that as I like to go to the place where.... where she rests? I tell her how I'm doing, ask how she's doing... she never replies though, of course.... Actually, I suppose she may reply but I can't hear her yet.

I often wonder what career path she would have taken, because honestly.... I have no idea. I have thought maybe she would have been a lawyer, but she was too carefree for that and too gentle to have to battle to prove innocence or guilt.

Shop assistant doesn't fit. Doctor?.... Actually, that's a maybe.... but having to listen to people's health problems wouldn't be stimulating enough for her. Nurse? Nope. Heck no. Hairdresser? No that's too fussy for her. Teacher?

Yes.... Teacher. She was smart enough, motivated enough and loved learning enough for her to achieve something so amazing. Miss Hedges, a teacher. I like it.


db said...

Dearest Memmy. I send hugs and fireworks in honor of Miss. Hedges and yourself. Xs n Os -- deeb

Auburn said...

Thank you deebie-cheeks xxxx