Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 random facts about me!

My friend sent me this in an e-mail, and I can't sleep....

1. I rarely go to bed before midnight

2. I don't know what the right career for me is, I just know it isn't the one I'm in

3. I really wish I was brave enough to go travelling on my own

4. I want to visit as many states in America as possible

5. I fall asleep wearing socks and wake up in bare feet

6. I often dream of the same two people whom I knew during childhood

7. In winter I hybernate

8. There are four homosexuals in my family, but I'm the only lesbian

9. I'm very easily amused and laugh at things other people probably wouldn't find funny

10. I contradict everything anyone ever thinks about me

11. I measure wealth in time, not money. How much time do I have to spend doing what I want, not what someone is paying me to do?

12. I dance around when nobody's about and feel really sneaky afterwards

13. I think there is something off about my best friends girlfriend, but I would never tell my best friend that

14. I'm trained to help people stop smoking, but don't care if they stop or they don't

15. I don't try clothes on in the shop before I buy them. I try them on at home then take them back when they don't fit

16. I can't sleep without feeling the weight of a duvet on me

17. I watch American TV shows such as Bones online before they air in the UK because I'm too impatient to wait for what happens next

18. In primary school me and my friend had a pretend fight in slow motion

19. I love chocolate, but not white chocolate

20. I hate driving but feel pressured to do so

21. I only like reading books that have lesbian characters

22. I don't watch or read the news because it makes me feel sad

23. My nails have to be perfect or I feel dirty

24. Even in summer I wear jumpers because I'm ALWAYS cold

25. I miss my childhood


*Kelly Marie* said...

When you come visit the states, you've got a place to stay in Virginia!

Auburn said...

Yay! That's one down and another 51 to go!