Thursday, February 05, 2009

Weepy, Sleepy, Hungry, Cranky and Hot.

It's menstrual cycle time!

Yesterday I went into work and announced that I had manstrual cramps. Nasty ones. This lead to an almighty 'uh oh' from the four women I work with. I understood why, because for the next week or so there's going to be something wrong with each and every one of us and the two male members of our team will simply pay for it all.

Helen gets weepy, Sam gets hungry, Nikki gets sleepy, Jasmine gets cranky, and me? I get hot flushes.

The boss had an interesting theory about why women in the same vicinity get their periods at the same time. And apparently, according to him, it's so that if one woman is on her period, her boyfriend can't cheat on her with her friend.

I liked that theory. I'm sceptical about it's accuracy, but I liked it.

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