Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wish Unfortunately Came True.

It was a nice day today, weather wise. I came home, played in my garden, went for a jog, cooked then ate dinner and now I'm sat here eating a strawberry smoothie icecream and doing my thing on my blog. I'm waiting for the TV show Bones to start. Can't say all the hetrosexual baby-making story lines are doing much for me though. Not impressed.

Walking to my front door this afternoon I passed two young children. They were girls aged about 6 or 7, and one girl said to her friend "I'm not allowed to play where my mum can't see me." the other girl replied. "I know, I can't wait until I'm a grown-up then I'll be able to play whereever I want."

I wondered how many times I had said that when I was a child? That I wish I were a grown-up? Too many. Way too many, because my wish came true and here I am, a grown-up with a grown-up job and a grown-up house and grown-up bills to pay. Some things never change though, because I think I'm kinda sorta being bullied by a grown-up at work.... how do you define a childish act in a 'grown-up' environment?

I have no idea on what to do here. Last time someone singled me out as their victim I was 8. I learned karate and singled them out with my right hook.

I got nothing.

Oh, Bones is about to start. Gotta go.


Anna said...

Hiya Gems, well, me personally, I would just ignore them and not play into their bullying because the one thing they are looking for is a response, to know that they are getting to you. Not sure how easy that would be though. Good luck, miss ya ;) Jugs\


Candleshoe said...

My advice, for what it's worth: keep a diary of things that are said or done to you, then, when you have enough ammunition, make a formal complaint using the grievance procedure that your workplace should have. See if you can talk to colleagues and check whether they're being treated badly too. It's a sucky situation, I hope it's easily and sensitively resolved for you... You shouldn't have to put up with being bullied, you're worth much more than that, Auburn.

Auburn said...

Thanks banana, but I think in such a closed environment ignoring such a situation makes things worse. Pent up anger and all that, eek! You know what women can be like! :\

Oh, and Candleshoe, funnily enough the diary is the first thing I did. I think you told me about that once, though.