Friday, June 19, 2009

PS: Snorting is Embarrassing!

I went out for dinner this evening with my old school friend Katie. Food was good, cocktails were better. Looking at the cocktail menu I had decided which one I wanted to order, but I had also decided it's name was awkward. When the waitress came over to take our order, I pointed at the cocktail I wanted and said "Can I just show you instead? I don't want to say it in case you get the wrong idea."

The waitress, whose name I had found out by covertly peeking at her name tag (she was called Tessa fyi. I FYI'ED AGAIN!) looked at the cocktail to which I pointed and snorted with laughter, and I mean actual snortage. Full on suck-up-everything-around-her snortage.

She was mortified!

Katie's eyes were tearing up from trying to hold in her own laughter.

I felt terrible for trying to be funny and succeeding.

Tessa the waitress couldn't get away fast enough, but upon returning with our drinks, she did make a joke of it by saying "here is the cocktail that shall not be named for everyone's safety."

I gave Tessa a £10 pound tip for embarrassing her.

Oh yeah, the cocktail was called PS: I Love You.

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