Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sex for a million?

This, of all things, was the topic of conversation at work today. Most of us are in our early twenties, only two of us are over 40, yet it was the over 40s who thought this topic was genius.

Every daily client that walked through the door they asked "would you have sex with a stranger if they offered you a million pounds?" Their answer, and about 95% of all the answers was "hell yes!"

Now, my answer was 'yes'. But, thinking about it, there were questions I should have asked before giving my answer. The most relevant question being 'is this particular stranger male or female?' Because I'm not into the males and I know know know fo' sho' that I wouldn't play with the male-stick for a million quid. On principle more than anything else because some men can be quite pretty, I guess, but it annoys the hell out of me when lesbinums go straight for bait, just like it does when hetros go gay for pay. I aint down with that shat.

So, my actual answer, when I've thought about it which, sad to say, I have, is 'yes, but with quite a few conditions.'

Conditions being:

Male or female?
Is there a time limit on how long the sex session is to last?
Do I get the million pounds up front?
Do I ever have to see this person again?
Am I single or in a relationship when the offer is proposed?

Because, if I'm in a relationship, then everything I just typed is irrelevant.



EddieSki said...

Seems like an Aladdin-type thing. Gotta be careful what you agree to

marie said...

Hummm? I don't know I'll have to think about that today...