Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here's Your Change, Miss.

The past three days I have been working the same shift at work. 10am until 6pm. This means that the bus I travelled home on was driven by the same driver, and on the third day I stepped onto the bus, he said "I told you I'd pick you up today." I gave him my money only for him to say "here's your change, Miss." with a wink, meaning he didn't want me to pay the fare. The driver was around 50-60 years old and I didn't get a 'pervert' vibe from him, I think he was just genuinely being kind.

I smiled the whole journey home and was more careful to thank him when I got off the bus.

Kindness definitely does make your day better.

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Lady Wise said...

Quite possibly my favourite story ever! What a gent!