Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shock Absorber

Despite the fact that I'm rather partial to boobs, I'm seriously not a bra expert. I've just spent the best part of my day wandering in and out of shops trying to find a device that will stop my lady-mountains from hindering my breathing while engaging in sporting activities.

Also known as bra shopping.

This shit is ridiculous.

There were too many options for me to decide. Do I want a black bra or a white one? Do I need a 34b or a 36b? Am I even a B? Do I want underwire or no underwire? Do I want cheap or expensive? Do I want a Pro or a Max? And best of all, do I want a Shock Absorber?

I thought the whole point of sports bras were to absorb the shock of being smacked in the face by your boobs when you're doing any activity that would bring about such a situation.

After deliberating for 10 minutes with my friend, I just picked one off the closest rack to me and paid for it.

Hopefully jogging will be a little more comfortable and a lot less shocking from now on.

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