Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Since From Long Time!

My Indian colleague sometimes has a unique way of wording things, which is obviously to be expected since English is not her mother tongue, but when she was late for work yesterday she came in huffing and puffing, unimpressed, and said "I sit in traffic since from long time!"

And of course I found it a bit too funny.

I just giggled a bit at the memory and thought I would share.

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Nadia Norden said...

Dearest Auburn♥Luv,
Thanks for sharing. Glad to read that you have an Indian workmate. My English is rather poor, but I don’t live in a country of English tongue. However, I want to share a similar anecdote with you. A German ordered in an English restaurant and it lasted somewhat before he was served. He asked the waiter “When do I become a beefsteak?” and got the answer “I hope never, Sir!” (German to get = bekommen). In he same vain a particularly prude German woman interrupted her English course after already two lessons, because she could definitely not utter the word “after” (German After= a word for Ass!). Enjoy your day♥!
Tenderly yours,