Thursday, August 27, 2009

Doris's Story.

So Doris is twelve weeks old and a little bundle of PAIN IN THE ARSE! She previously lived with my auntie Debbie. Debbie has a grandson and this particular grandson thought Doris was a Frisbee, as witnessed by me on Tuesday.

I was sitting in Debbie's kitchen and instructed the Devil-Child to be careful when picking Doris up, a few minutes later, when he thought I wasn't looking, he threw Doris across the kitchen. It was a muster-all-your-might-and-throw kind of throw, and I was disgusted!

I scooped Doris up and told Debbie I was taking her home. Debbie thought I was joking.

It was a punishment for the Devil-Child.
It was an intervention for Doris.
It was a surprise for my mum.

Seeing as it was my mum's birthday the same day, I took Doris to my mum's and it was love at first sight. Doris will no longer be thrown across the kitchen and mum will have a snuggle buddy.

Win win.

In case you're new and are wondering how Doris acquired her name. This Link might help explain things.

The name Doris is better than Gertrude, that's fo' sho'

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Nadja Norden said...

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