Monday, August 03, 2009

P!NK Look-a-like Money Swindler!

I think P!NK asked me for my bank details in the city centre this afternoon.

No, really!

This girl(woman?) stopped me and two of my friends mid-walk and proceeded to ask us things about ourselves. I knew this was a prelude to something myself or my friends weren't going to be particularly interested in, but the girl(woman) was persistent. Once learning our names, job titles and sexualities she talked about nothing for a moment or two until I (as politely as possible) asked her what she wanted. Like I didn't already know, obvious!)

The P!NK look-a-like then went on to waffle about families affected by drugs and how giving 20pence a day could make a huge difference and all we had to do was surrender our bank details and.............hoooold right there, P!NK.

I asked the look-a-like how on earth we were to know that she was a genuine employee of this charity and how she could expect anyone to just hand over their bank details and hard earned money, not forgetting that we're in the midst of a recession and 20 pence a day soon adds up, and the P!NK lady flipped out!

By 'flipped out' I mean she ransacked her rucksack, pulling out a jacket, purse, shoes - it was like Mary poppins bag, then finally pulled out a piece of paper that was supposed to confirmed her identity within this charity. But when my friend pointed out that she wouldn't know if the paper was fake or genuine, the look-a-like flipped out even more, ramming everything back into her bag, throwing her hands in the air, saying we were selfish people!

I'm not sure who was crazy here, the look-a-like for thinking we would hand over our money, or us for not doing so....

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Candleshoe said...

Sounds fake to me - a real employee would apologise for not having the right ID (most have an ID card or badge with their photo on it) give you a leaflet with a website and tell you you can donate in a variety of other ways that bypass her entirely. And then smile nicely, thank you for stopping, and let you go.

Rude woman. Pah.