Monday, August 24, 2009

Texting Manners

I was out on Saturday with my friend, Suzie. Suzie and I have known each other for quite a while, and, as it always seems to be the case with lesbians, we are in fact ex-girlfriends.

We met up in the town center, shopped around, had a coffee, shopped around some more then upped the anti with an alcoholic beverage. This was all good and well, but I think I could safely calculate without exaggeration that her mobile phone beeped a million times. A MILLION TIMES!

I wondered, if Suzie was so intent on having a conversation with whomever it was she was texting, why she didn't a) ring them or b) go shopping with them instead of me!

Now me, when my phone beeped on one or two occasions, I texted the person back and explained that I was out and would phone them later. This was reasonable, yes?

I just think it's rude to keep texting when you're in someones company.

It's basic manners, lady.
Basic. Manners.


StarGazer said...

haha I'm not really sure how lesbians do it. I mean... I am a lesbian but I don't understand how other lesbians stay friends with ex's. I just CAN'T do it lol. I've tried, and we wound up making each other just as crazy as we did while dating.

But maybe she is dating someone new who was a little nervous about her hanging out with an ex? haha... see... this is my own experiences talking.

But I totally agree that the obsessive texting is rude. Yet another thing my EX would do all the time and it drove me crazy. And when she wasn't with me, she was texting me and I'd have to remind her that she was being rude to whomever she was with. I'da said something to Suzie. Maybe you should next time!

Auburn said...

Well, there was a six year gap between us breaking up and becoming friends lol! After that amount of time it's easy to forget what was wrong with your relationship that you simply couldn't be friends!