Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unexpected Item in Bagging Area

I was in Tescos today, I had been dragged in by my friend, Suzie, because she wanted to buy bread. Thinking it would be a quicker method of payment we went to the self service checkout section, but we were wrong.

It was not quick, at all.

It took us ten minutes, TEN WHOLE MINUTES, to scan a loaf of bread. Then when it had finally scanned, the machine told us to wait for assistance. FOR A LOAF OF BREAD! Then when we received assistance the machine told us that there was an unexpected item in the bagging area. IT WAS THE LOAF OF BREAD. We were trying to buy bread so, the item wasn't really that unexpected!

Oh my good lord.

That is the last time I'll use the "quicker" method of self service.
And when I got home and spoke to another friend on the phone, she told me she had needed assistance this afternoon to buy cat food.

Quicker method my eye!
Stick to humans.
Machines think too much.

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