Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Waiting and Sighing. Sighing and Waiting.

I hate Doctor's surgeries. OK, I know, who doesn't?

I was sitting in the waiting room this afternoon, waiting to see the Doctor, of course, and this old lady kept sighing. Just sighing. There would be two or three minutes of silence then, sigh.

I looked at the woman sitting opposite, she looked at me, and I'm assuming we were both thinking the same thing.


Alright, maybe I was the only one thinking the 'old bat' part, but honestly! Everyone in the room was doing the same thing; waiting!

Which leads me to another thing.

When you phone somebody and they don't answer after the fourth or fifth ring, PHONE BACK LATER!

If I'm in the middle of doing something important at work and the phone starts ringing, I'm obviously not going to pick it up, but if it continues to ring even after I've finished doing what was important. I'M STILL NOT GOING TO PICK IT UP.

And here is why....

IT'S RUDE TO LEAVE THE PHONE RINGING! Honestly, seriously, it's just bad manners. Because if the phone isn't answered after four or five rings then whoever you're phoning is.... BUSY?!


Wow! I ranted. My apologies.
I guess I needed that.
And beathe........

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