Friday, March 12, 2010

Gave It All Away

I was never a fan of boybands when I was younger, perhaps there are obvious reasons for that, but one particular song of Boyzone is the theme tune to one of my fondest memories. My friend and I, ten years old in a log cabin with only a stereo that played tapes - anyone remember those? We were creating dance routine to the song 'Love Me For a Reason'. It was a terrible routine, but at the time, were felt like pop stars.

So long, Stephen Gately.


Candleshoe said...

Tapes were brilliant. Mix tapes were brilliant too. It's not the same with CDs, you don't have to press play and record at the same time, and count to 5 so there was a gap between the songs.

I've missed your blog entries, glad you're back. Your adoring public knows you're alive...

Anonymous said...

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