Thursday, July 28, 2011

Belle De Jour

I recently read the book The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl after it was recommended to me by a friend. I enjoyed the concept of the book, getting a glimpse into the dark and dingy world of a 'lady of the night' type figure. Belle herself is, by all accounts, a dirty cow. Ahem. And she doesn't just stick to the night either. She does weekdays, weekends, lunch breaks....

I made the mistake of reading the book while on the bus to work once. I was at a particularly seedy part about feces and clients wanting said feces on body parts and Belle obliging. I was cringing and ewwing and grossing when I suddenly became aware of my surroundings and the woman sitting next to me. "Good book?" she asked. How could I explain that in the book there was someone being paid, quite handsomely, to shit on someone Else's chest? "Great romance." I replied.

I just hope the poor old woman didn't make a mental note of the title and buy it. I can just imagine her sitting by the fire, slippers on, cup of coco at the ready about to tuck into some hunky Mr Darcy type character whisking away his Elizabeth. Only to find that in the real world Elizabeth is being paid to crap all over Mr Darcy's chest.

Yeah.... never going to watch Pride and Prejudice again without that image in your head are you?!

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