Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Air Bed Let Down.

I need to tell you that the pods (see last blog) were a great alternative to sleeping in a tent. Dry, warm and cozy. Just what the Dr demanded!

I think, no, I know that I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but camping is exhausting and it was made worse by having to sleep on the floor.

Why did we sleep on the floor and not take a camp bed/air bed? Good question, and here's the answer. I borrowed a blow up bed from a friend, said friend neglected to tell me that the bed needed electricity to be inflated.... camping generally means you don't have electricity, that's why you go. The bastard! My 26 year old bones creaked and cracked for a week!

I was sitting in front of a waterfall in the Northumberland National Park (where we spent the weekend). It was beautiful, amazing, awe inspiring... I loved it. But I just kept thinking about the ex. It's irritating. It's been five months, she's obviously moved on and forgotten what we had( if we ever had it). I was sitting there thinking of all the promises she'd made, all the plans she told me she had for or future. I think, ultimately it's not her I miss. She did hurt me quite despicably, after all. It's not the time we spent together, her voice or her soft skin. Nope. All of that is tainted by how easily she hurt me.

It's the future I thought we were going to have. We'd talked about it, I'd dreamt of it, she told me she couldn't wait for it. But Now it's gone.

Anyway, someone left a comment and asked me about Captcha plugins? I had no idea what they were so I did a google. I don't have a captcha plugin, if I do, it's provided by blogspot. Google has lots of links of websites that let you download a plugin for free?.... That's the extent of my knowledge I'm afraid.

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pj said...

I do all of my camping in hotels! Not really the outdoorsy type.

As for the ex. Hopefully it gets better. It is a long road we travel.