Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Bark That Screeches.

It was 2am
My bedroom window was open because it was a warm summer's eve.
I was asleep, probably having impure dreams of Anna Skellern.

When there it was, the noise that was halfway between a screech and a bark. It was loud, it was close and it was terrifying! It woke me up.

I sat up, looked around, checked for monsters, realised there weren't any.... then held my breath to focus on the sound. It passed beneath my first floor window at some speed, it's bark/screach started to fade as it got further and further away until i could no longer hear it.

I sank into my bed, covers above my head, heart racing. If the monsters weren't in my room then were they down my street?

I tried to settled, eventually falling back into a fitful sleep.

The next morning i peeked out my window, no sign of monsters. Perhaps an alien invasion? The news never mentioned any. So i googled the question 'what goes "bark-screech" in the night?'

It was a fox.
No aliens
No monsters
Just a fox.

It could be hotter than the sun in my room, but you can be damn sure i'm sleeping with the window closed from now on.

I thought for sure it was a monster....

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