Friday, November 18, 2005


I like Amber Benson, I don't know why, but I do. My friends think it is a little odd, but I do not care! I DO NOT CARE!
I met Amber Benson once at a 'simply amber' convention in London at a posh hotel I think it may have been a Radisson Edwardian. Very posh indeed. Amber was very polite, funny, witty and stunning. She did her very best to sign the hundreds of autographs and more that people asked for and she charmed everyone in the room with seeimgly very little effort despite her shy nature.

Someone in the audience happened to ask Amber what her favourite swear word was (as Amber has a very dirty mouth) to which she replied with a blush on her cheek 'cunt' Everbody was shocked including Amber herself, her mum, who happened to be standing at the back of the hall, wasn't phased at all. Sombody with another question, or rather a comment as it turned out to be, told a delighted amber that.

"When my sister and I are angry and want to vent a little, but cannot swear for fear of our mum hearing, we say "C U Next Tuesday" (get it? Wink wink)

The very beautiful Amber Benson has now adopted that phrase as her own.

So, I shall continue to adore Amber Benson. I am not obsessed, nor a fanatic. I just show my support for a very talented woman.... So there!

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