Saturday, November 19, 2005


I went on holiday recently, the island was absolutely beautiful and the atmosphere was relaxed. The destination? Lanzarote.

I decided I wanted to write about it because it was just so amazing! I went with my uncle and his boyfriend, yes I said boyfriend. They were... for want of a better phrasing... a pair of queens. The boyfriend inparticular moaned about everything, from the heat to the sand. Apparently it wasn't white enough.

Whatever arsehole!

Anyhow. Despite the company I still managed to have the best of times and couldn't find one fault, although cockroaches are unpleasent I cannot blame the people or the place, they are just one of lifes annoying critters.

My uncle and I amused ourselves for a few hours when we walked past a supermarket selling exceptionally cheap rubber rings, like excited children we purchased some and made our way to the sea, after almost two hours paddling our way from one side of the beach to another, MY ring broke. It began to deflate I was sure I was about to drown. I didn't, obviously. Looking back it was funny, but at the time I was terrified. All my uncle could do was laugh. Charming!

As we were staying for two weeks (great two whole weeks with a pair of queens, just my luck.) We decided to go on a trip, one particular trip caught my eye and I decided I just had to do it. Fuetavetura ANOTHER canary island within boating distance and somehow even hotter then Lanzarote, it was beautiful also, but somehow didn't quite posess the atmosphere of Lanzarote, maybe because it was mostly full of Germans (no offense if you're German, but you do not make very good tourists)

The boat we used to go island hopping had a glass bottom resulting in the most amazing sights, the fish swam obvliviously as I snapped away. The picture, like the holiday, ended up much better than I thought it would. Despite the queens :-)

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