Saturday, December 17, 2005

Achoo Vitamins

It was odd.

As are most things, what a lovely way to begin a post eh?

Seven out of eleven people in this house have colds, that leaves four people that aren't sniffling. Two are away for a little while and one has gone home to see her family for Xmas, so that just leaves me. I am the only person within close range of the infected that doesn't have a cold.

So why am I not sniffling and coughing or feeling sorry for myself? What makes me so special that I'm exempt from the bitter world of illness? Of course I'm not complaining, but I am intrigued.

A colleague pointed out to me that I must have a great immune system, so I did a little research about immune systems and realised that I drink an orange juice that has extra vitamin C in it because I am a vegetarian. My doctor told me to, he did give me a reason at the time, but I didn't pay attention, I never do..... so I looked it up.

Oh and guess what I found?

Yeah, among other things it boosts your immune system and helps heal cuts and scrapes faster. An average person should consume 60 mg a day that's 3/4 cup of orange juice. But considering I drink about four cups of orange juice a day.... that means no sniffling for me.

Woo and hoo.

So, if you don't want to get a cold this winter never underestimate the power of orange.

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