Monday, January 30, 2006

Hair today....

I woke up this morning with a looming sense of dread, I'd had a shower last night and then gone straight to bed (yes, I'm well aware that rhymed) So, upon waking My hair was super curly, damn the curly-ness!.... it is naturally curly of course, but more so when I've gone to bed with it wet. I try to defy the curly-ness with an incredible invention (honestly I could kiss the person who invented hair straighteners.... but knowing my luck it would be a 50 year old bald man)

So, hair straighteners on and half an hour later, no more curly.... good, but hair fly away and static? Of course! Looking at the clock I knew I had no more time to pacify my super inner-girly-femme, so I made a dash for the make up then proceeded to walk out the front door with my slippers on.... came back five minutes later cursing my utter stupidness.... so now I'm wearing shoes....pants, shirt? Good, set to go.

Sitting on the bus, (she had the car) I was relieved to finally be on my way, but as I looked around me I saw a fair few woman looking just as bedraggled as I was, I found it comforting to know that I'm not the only woman who has to battle with her inner girl before she can leave the house in a morning!.... but throughout the day I began to feel even better about my hair.... it wasn't bright pink, or bleach blonde with the roots showing, it wasn't greasy, it hadn't been cut in a style that could only be described as 'oh so wrong' and.... the best one yet.... I'm not bald!

Sigh, I feel so much better.

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