Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bad Habits

Damn, have I had an eventful couple of days. First I go to doctors because my urinery tract infection is back, they gave me antibiotics to take until my test smaple comes back with the results. Then I'm back at the doctors office the next day because I'm itching so bad my skin started to bleed, apparently I'm allergic to the antibiotics they gave me, SEVERELY allergic, so now I have the constant urge to pee AND itch.

I'm in a sorry state, I know lol!

Anyway, I as well as itching uncontrolably, I was having this conversation with my friend about our bad habbits. It turns out I have some pretty odd ones.

I can't sleep without feeling a blanket covering me.

I sniff the bottom of cups before I fill them.

I only eat half my dinner then eat the rest about two hours later.

I have to walk on the right side of the person next to me.

I never tie my laces, I just tuck them into my shoes.

I can burp REALLY loudly.

I take ages when food shopping because I want everything I see.

I'm really stubborn.

I never wash dishes because I absolutely hate it.

Dear me, I have quite a few, hmm?

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