Friday, February 17, 2006

Psychic liar!

My mum nagged me to go see a tarrot card reader today because her friend backed out and she didn't want to go on her own, so I went. The tarrot reader told me that I was going to have children in 2009, that's three years away!

Doesn't bode well for my lesbo street cred let me tell you!

Plus I'll only be 24. Either that woman has been smoking the happy plant or someone up there's having her on!

The woman also told me that my mum's husband is tight fisted with his money and is jealous of me, aww.... I hope so the old scrooge! And that my uncle had a lot of bad luck last year, but things are starting to get better, which they are, bless him. She said that my dad could fall into a dock and come out with kippers in his pockets and that I'm too outspoken.


Fucking babies in three years, dopey old bint!

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