Sunday, February 05, 2006

Soft itches!

I went to Asda the other day to do my usual food shopping, stocked up on fabric softner, but they didn't have my normal softner so I had to get something else. Now I'm itching all over, I have these red bumps everywhere that are driving me crazy.... may be it's another trip to the doctor's office if they don't go away soon.... they itch SO much!

My wee problem hasn't gone yet either. This is always the case, you don't get ill for a very long time then suddenly you get everything at once. Typical!

I saw
Dodgeball last night, it was on the tv so I thought I'd watch it.... it was crap, I don't usually like Ben Stiller I think his humour is too extreme, but I liked Along Came Polly so I thought I'd give it a try. But it was poop.

It's odd because one of my favourite movies is
There's Something About Mary. I guess sometimes he gets it right and sometimes he doesn't.

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