Thursday, February 02, 2006


After having a lovely day shopping with my mum I purchased many things, but on more than one occasion the person serving me asked if I would like something else because there's an offer on.... well, no thank you because if I wanted that item I would have GONE SHOPPING FOR IT.

It annoys me, I know they're just doing their job, but frikkin bugger off people! Among the many nice things I bought a new
mobile phone. Unfortunately I fall into the catogory of people that has to have pretty things, shallow, I know.

At around 8pm I recieved a phone call from my best friend Stacy, she's been staying at her mums for a few days because her dad's ill, and she just called to tell me she had been in a car accident.


Apparently a lorry came out of a junction and didn't see her coming.... he was in a frikkin lorry and has a good view. How could he not see her coming? Fortunately she's ok, just a little whiplash.... her car is totalled, how she came out of it alive or unscathed I do not know.

Almost, Stacy.... almost!

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