Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wee'd n Pee'd

I went to the doctor today for a wee problem with my, well, wee. I have a urinary tract infection, my third one.... it was funny because he asked me if I was on the pill to which I replied a firm 'no' then he asked what form of contraception I was using as apparently vaginal condomns can be a cause of urinary tact infections, I quietly explained to him that I didn't use any.... obviously he looked bemused, after all I'm 21, not a virgin and sexually active. If I'm not using contraception then I must be having sex alllllllllllll wrong.

Well, I'm certainly not doing it wrong, just.... different. He went red faced when I told him I was a lesbian.

Hahahaha thoroughly amused me and made my day. Hahaha!

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