Thursday, March 30, 2006

Health & Astrology

Yep, health and astrology. I found a website today... uh, actually I think it was a few days ago. About how particular star signs suffer from particular illnesses, or are more likely to suffer from them.

Each sign has internal, external and structural rulerships. Externally, Capricorn rules the joints (especially the knees), hair, teeth and skin; internally, the mucous membranes, the peripheral nerves and portions of the stomach. Structurally, it rules the skeleton, bones and patella.

As I'm a Capricorn my afflictions are more likely to be;

tendency to catch colds,
lack of animal heat;
poor metabolism,
weakened powers of digestion;
weak vision;
knee problems,
chest disorders;
disorders of the skin,
pustular formations, eruptions.

It's really eerie how correct some of these things are, however what the hell are pustular formations?

I do have problems with my bones, I have even broken a few of them. Only fingers and toes.... but I'm only 21 there's a lifetime to break more. No doubt I will. I do have problems with my skin, it's always dry and I have to use oodles of moisturiser. I do have poor animal heat, I'm ALWAYS cold. I do have weak vision and need glasses and I used to have a chest problem (asthema) but I don't anymore.

I asked my friends what star signs they were then read them their 'afflictions' and they all seemed to agree.

Really eerie

Here's the

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