Sunday, March 12, 2006

Royal Fail

What's happened to the UK's postal service? Royal Mail has gone down hill.... actually it's more like gone down mount Everest they've gotten so clareless at posting our mail.

I went to the front door yesterday morning at 10am expecting there to be some letters, even if they were just bills.... but there was nothing. I shrugged and went to make breakfast.

Five hours later yes FIVE HOURS there was a flurry at the front door and when I went to investigate there was letters, it was 3pm. Since when does the mail get delivered at 3pm? And to make matters worse the negligent post man had given us next doors mail.

I'm about to sound like an old woman here, and given that I'm only 21 that's very bad, but.... I remember when the post was delivered at 6am without fail! AND I was watching the news the other day, actually is was on in the background and I over heard, but a post man had been arrested because they found about seventy-five-thousand undelivered letters in his house after complaints from people saying they hadn't recieved their mail.

Tsk tsk. Naughty!

But how come we recieved our letters without fail and at a reasonable time in the 90's? Why is it so difficult now?

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