Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cold Sore Blues.

I have a cold sore, it's yucky.... but the strange thing is, there were no symptoms. I went to bed and my lips were fine really and I didn't even realise a cold sore had appeared until I looked in the mirror to do my hair this morning. The sneaky thing snuck up on me good and bloody propper!

But, why did I get a cold sore in the first place? I haven't had one in a long time, why now?

Yes, yes this did turn into a mini-research session.

I've known for years that once you have the 'herpes simplex virus' (cold sore virus) that you have it forever. And I read that the virus stays dormant in the nerves above, under or around you're mouth once you are exposed to it. Some people have outbreaks often, and some people don't have them at all.

About 80% of the population actually have the virus but although that many people have it only about one third of them have cold sore outbreaks. Bleh, I'm one of the unlucky buggers that gets them!

So, what triggers the virus to be 'activated'

Injury to the lips or skin (such a physical trauma or chapping)
Injury to the lips from excessive exposure to sunlight or UV lamps
An immune system defficiency

Wow, I could write an essay on cold sores. That is sad, very, very sad!

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