Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Going Nowhere

Sooooo there's a new TV show I like. It's called South of Nowhere. It's about a family who move from a small town in Ohio to Los Angeles (not that that makes much difference to me, I'm from the UK. Uhraaa!). Anyway, the family has a daughter who is figuring out her sexuality with the help of her "friend", they have opposite personalities, hopes and dreams, but that only makes their on screen relationship more compelling.

I must admit that I like watching a TV show with lesbian characters. I guess maybe that's because it's nice to sit and watch a story that has people like me in it. Where you can be immersed in the plot without thinking "eww that dude has too much hair on his chest". Yes, that's what it is.... I don't like hairy chests.

The actresses are obviously very gorgeous, as actresses tend to be these days, so there is the eye-candy factor too.

Annnnnnd on another topic, tomorrow I'll be getting on a plane to be somewhere else for two weeks. I don't feel excited now my holiday is here, I just feel nervous. I really do hate planes, and flying.... flying planes!

So I shall take a deep breath (takes deep breath) and then breathe out (breathes out) and think about all the lovely sun and sangria and sea I'll be surrounded with while I'm there.... oh, look at that I feel better.... oh no, no I thought of flying planes again....

Well, off I go. There's a case that needs to be filled with things that I probably don't need but won't realise until I get there. I hope everyone is well and stays safe.

Goodbye blog!


Anna said...


I miss you!! Hope your having a great time and can't wait for you to get back.

Hugs and Jugs!!!!!!!


Auburn said...

I missed you too, Banana xxxxxxxx