Thursday, October 11, 2007

Knock Knock

Is this reality?

Is this the life I had when I got on a plane two weeks ago and left everything behind?

Well, I'm going to change that and that and that and.... yep, that too.

My holiday was fantastic, my uncle's 30th birthday was absolutely amazing, my tan is, uh, peeling, my head is clear and I feel refreshed.

I always used to say that I couldn't live somewhere other than England, but I admit I have changed my mind. I could live in Lanzarote. We hired a car for four days and travelled around the island. We saw things that, as a tourist, you don't get to see on day trips or excursions. We had a foam party with the locals, we fished on a catamaran, we went to Lanzarote's highest point and saw the surrounding islands in all of their beauty, we drove through villages, we learned new words in Spanish, we made new friends, we swam in the sea watching as the sand engulfed our toes through the crystal clear waters. We laughed, we danced, we sang, we ate.... a lot.

My uncle Simon turned 30 while we were away, so my mum joined us during our second week to celebrate with us. That day we had the hire car (which was a new Vauxhall Astra!) and visited Papagayo beach. It was very picturesque, set in an alcove with clear blue sea and white sand. After that we went to see Famara, a famous surfing destination with views of cliffs and neighbouring islands. My uncle was living a dream, these were two places he had never managed to visit during his three previous trips to Lanzarote. We then went back to our apartment to shower and dress up in our best clothes, then headed out to a three course meal in an amazing Spanish restaurant. His day was perfect, I'm glad I was there with him.

I did, however, come home to recieve some terrible news. I'm just letting it sink in at the moment. While I have been away, escaping from reality, my friends have been here, dealing with it. I hope my break has given me the strength they need for me to help and support them.

I have more to say, and shall update more (and add pictures), but I have been up since 4am, and travelling for 8 hours. Perhaps it's bedtime for me? Or more cuddles with my cat, Gizmo.... plus I need to apply aftersun to my lovely golden tan *smug* teehee!

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