Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a SOCKY Crimbo!

I went to my auntie's this evening after work (I didn't finish until 10pm.) To drop off some gifts. She gave me my gift which was a large bag full of something. When I got in the car I couldn't resist having a feel.... so I felt, and what I'd picked up was squishy. I delved a little deeper and picked up something else, this was also squishy, third thing was squishy too! It turned out that the bag was full of small, round squishy things....

My memory takes my back to November. Auntie Maria had asked me what I wanted for Christmas, my answer was "Knee socks, auntie Ria, funky ones like my friend has."

Apparently, she didn't think giving me socks was a suitable gift for Christmas, so she didn't buy me just one pair. When I emptied the bag onto my livingroom floor there were 14 pairs!!!!

They were all individually wrapped. I opened them.

Some of them have little cows on, some of them have pigs on, some are bed socks, some are knee socks, some are pink, some are blue. Some were odd and had to be reunited with their partner.

I love my Auntie Ria.

I hope everyone has a Good Christmas. Whatever wacky gifts you recieve, be greateful it's not 14 pairs of socks.

**************Merry Christmas.**************

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