Friday, December 19, 2008

Second Stop at Whistle Stop

Wow, I'm up to page 192. Ruth has just died so I've decided to stop reading, for now. Usually when someone dies on a TV show or in a book I don't continue watching or reading them again. I think that there is so much death and heartache in the world anyway, who wants it to seep into their entertainment? Books, TV shows and films are supposed to be an escape route.... or so I believe anyway, it's probably a wacky way of looking at things, but that's me. Wacky.

There are quite a lot of characters cut out of the film, Artis, Naughty Bird, all the black charecters, oddly enough. And if I don't hate that damn 'N' word. Ugh! It's so ugly. Just looking at it makes me uncomfortable.

Yes Ruth and Itchy were portrayed in a romantic light more in the book than they were in the film, but it was only slight. I think that's the thing that bothers me most, that I want to know the details, that I want to know more of the story, more of the feelings and thoughts. But the Author never delves deep into anything, just proceeds to tell the story of 10 different characters. I WANT HER TO FOCUS ON ITCHY AND RUTH! I want her to tell me the magic of their relationship, why were they attracted to each other considering that they were so opposite. I DON'T KNOW! And Fannie Flagg doesn't want to tell me!

You're right. I had to get the authors name into this post. It's just wrong on so many levels.

What happens beyond Ruth dying that I need to know about this story? Its Itchy and ruth that compelled me to read.... now there's no Ruth.

I'm picturing Mary Louise Parker again, hubba hubba....

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Candleshoe said...

Well, most of the film happens after Ruth died in the book. They moved her death to later in the film... I would suggest that this time you carry on reading, if you can, it's worth it. All this is 'in my humble opinion', of course, which is worth less than a Zimbabwean dollar...