Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3-Dimentional Boo!

I went to the cinema to see My Bloody Valentine lastnight. The film itself was beyond bad, but the fact that it was in 3D was what saved it. Hopefully I've come as close as I'm ever going to get to having a 6 foot long pickaxe swung at my head, or a giant bullet coming towards me, or blood and guts splattering in my direction, or even a tree branch coming through the car window!

It was quite an experience, and I liked it.

It was funny to hear 50 or 60 people tittering with giggles after a particularly scary scene and they realised they had ducked or tried to move backwards to avoid something that wasn't real. It got so tense at one point that when I looked over at my friend she had removed her 3D glasses!

I'd recommend the film for the 3D experience, but nothing more. The plot was just plane bad and there wasn't a sexy woman to redeem it even just a little bit.


Tattooed_angel said...

Hey nice blog - looking forward to hear more, and please do check out mine, we do sound very similar!

Asia! said...

i did hear that movie was pretty awful.